Research on the Cultivation Model of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents with New Technology Use in Higher Education Institutions


Chunyang Chi, Yan Yue, Kexin Zhong, Yunfeng Zhang, Vivian Ngan-Lin Leid

(Editorial Department of Journal of Wenzhou Polytechnic, Wenzhou Polytechnic, Wenzhou)


The issue of new technology applications in education is a worldwide concern. Following a thorough review of current studies, this paper believes that new technology in a broad sense has "hard technology" (referring to new inventions, discoveries, and creations that can be practically operated and applied) and "soft technology" (generally referring to technology formed in all industry fields in response to new changes, new markets, new industries, and new business models, such as innovative marketing models, new team building, and management strategizing, cultural and creative skills, etc.), with distinctive and external and internal connotations. In a narrow sense, new technology refers to the most recent and cutting-edge technology in a particular industry field. There are also definitions that are based on their applicability, such as referring to new operation methods as new technologies. The premise of how to precisely implement new technology application education in higher education is to understand how students in higher education institutions think. For this reason, this study takes senior graduate students as its target, and through the statistics and analysis of survey data, we get three results. First, education featuring applications of new technology proves highly compelling, particularly given its importance in graduates' career development, thus garnering support; second, such education is both conceptual and practice-based; third, education concerned with the application of new technologies can be carried out in any major, both in engineering and non-engineering disciplines, with different requirements for educational content and technical skills according to the varying disciplines. Based on the investigation and analysis, we propose solutions and recommend methods of applying new applications in higher education.


Technology Use;Cultivation Model of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents; Higher Education